TEDxStKilda 2017; Applications now open



Speak at our Open Mic

We’re having an Open Mic Night! TEDxStKilda is always looking our for fabulous speaking talent and we’d like to see what you’ve got! After the success of our first event earlier this month, we’ve decided to host a second! Come along on May 2nd to the Vineyard to pitch your idea, or just to come and watch. 


Our ‘working’ theme this year is Fate and Fake. We aim to inspire a breadth of talks that will address humanity, society, science and technology, the planet and the future.

We are looking to hear about your idea for a TEDxStKilda talk in 3 minutes.  It’s your chance to get up on stage, stand in the spotlight and give life to your idea worth sharing for TEDxStKilda.



Remember that speaking at an Open Mic night is neither a requirement to applying to speak at our event nor is it a guarantee that you will be selected to speak.


Open Mic details and registration



TEDxStKilda is our very own locally organised TED-style event, planned and coordinated independently, on a community basis. In recent years, TED talks have attracted huge audiences with entertaining, engaging and educational presentations on a wide range of topics.  TEDxStKilda creates an opportunity to stimulate dialogue through TED-like experiences at the local level. TEDxs are open source, local and community-driven events that inspire innovation, thought leadership and visionary insight.

St Kilda is home to a mixed demographic; it heralds some of Australia’s best academics, artists, business leaders, activists, experts and community leaders and yet is also home to some of the more disadvantaged members of our society. Our goal is to bring people together to share ideas, to inspire and inform, to create opportunities for discussing some of the most simple and most complex issues facing our community and society today. We want to foster a community of decision makers, solution designers, and people in the frontline of their industries, as well anyone else who is curious and open to learning. We are committed to creating events where participants, speakers and attendees are challenged to communicate their passions in an exciting and engaging dialogue. We are an organisation staffed entirely by volunteers, all of us a driven by an enthusiasm and belief in TED and its ethos ‘ideas worth spreading’.

Our Vision

We believe passionately in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and, ultimately, the world. So what we’re building here is a forum for free knowledge and inspiration from the world’s most inspired thinkers, as well as a community of curious souls ready to engage with anyone and any idea.