Andrea Buck

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Andrea Buck

Film Producer, Scriptwriter and Storyteller


After suffering a massive near-fatal burst brain aneurism, I faced a long hard road of recovery – and the challenge of finding meaning to my remaining life. I had brain-injury induced depression, and felt totally overwhelmed and lost. I did not know how to keep going. And then I gained the most valuable, precious insight in a very unexpected way. In a single moment I saw a way to help me through life – and it was wonderfully simple. It was so instantly attainable that I knew it should not have taken me so many years and three near-death experiences to see it.

I am finally ready to share this story.


An award winning film producer (The Jammed) scriptwriter and storyteller, Andrea has led a wildly dramatic life, and faced death more than once. After surviving a massive burst brain aneurism Andrea set out to reimagine and recreate her life and herself, with what was left of her. Retaining her language centres, telling her stories was an option – so she set herself on a journey to find the as-yet elusive happy endings that would make her stories worth telling.

Andrea has lived and made films in Africa, Hollywood, South East Asia and Australia. She has two children and a whirlwind history of adventure. She has also completed a Masters degree in Screen Art and Business as brain rehabilitation.