Charles Maimarosia contemporary music solo artist was born in Are’Are Solomon Islands on 04/04/1979. He was raised in remote Pipisu village in West Are’Are, southern part of Malaita Island, Solomon Islands South Pacific. His parents Naomi Taraupata & Tobias Maimarosia were the first students in Solomons to attend Teachers College. He has 3 sisters & 1 brother. He was the first born son in the family & has been appointed as a chief of the Sura tribe.
Charles first began to be interested in music at the age of 5 when his father gave him a hand made Ukulele made out  of coconut shell. At this time he was surrounded by the extra ordinary ancient A’re A’re music.
From there he began singing & performing at the local church singing gospel & traditional music with the church choir & at community festivals.
He began playing ancient Are’Are panpipes (A’U) & singing ancient ancestral songs which to this day has influenced his music.
Charles was married at the young age of 17 to a local girl from his village. They have 2 sons (Francis & Derick). After Charles finished high school he collected some of the teen age boys from the local villages to perform at school & community events, this was the beginning of the band now known as Narasirato. Charles was the lead singer, choreographer & song writer of the band. The band performed traditional A’re A’re ancestral music incorporating pan pipes, tribal dancing & energetic performances.
Narasirato first performed at the Cook town festival in Australia, then went on to do festivals in Japan, Middle East & all around Australia with the help & management of Peter Keelan from Western Australia. The band recorded 2 albums. The songs on the album gained a lot of attention & popularity. The song ‘My Culture, My Life’ became number 1 hit in Asia Pacific. The 2nd album which was never released was recoded with the support of David Bridie (Telek & Waving not drowning).
In 2010 after the Black Harmony Day & Bluesfest tours with Narasirato in Australia Charles met a Russian born Australian woman & decided to leave Narasirato to start a life in Australia with his two sons who he missed dearly as he was often away for long periods of time during tours.
Charles went on to study Bachelor of Music Performance at JMC & NMIT in Melbourne. He also studied business management @ Academia International.
After all these years of music writing & performance his influences remain the same. His songs are about ancient A’re A’re ancestral music. Themes such as ‘Kanaha’ which is men chanting rituals, which is an extra ordinary communication with the spiritual world.
Ancient A’re A’re pan pipes ‘Au-Rerepi’ this pan pipe flute has 8 parts & is supposed to be played by 8 musicians in the key of G in the Blues Scale. ‘Tahana’ This ancient pan pipe is the most complicated pan pipe in the entire A’re A’re music, it is in the Jazz scale & can be played by 8 musicians.
Charles has found a unique bridge between ancestral pan pipe music & Blues tunes which he performs solo at Festivals around Australia. He has a simplicity & grace in his solo performances where he blows the pan pipe, plays chords on his guitar & sings ancestral songs.