While life is usually bursting with opportunity and success, freedom and light, there is a darkness in all of our communities, including here in St Kilda. It’s more often than not a secret darkness – one that impacts on all people, of all walks of life.

The evidence is clear: one in three women experience violence from a male partner or former partner, and men are overwhelmingly responsible for family violence, but what else? How does patriarchy play a role in so many other social concerns? It can be successfully argued that patriarchy and misogyny underpins the ways in which many women are unable to have lives free of restraint, judgement or oppression. But how’s it working out for the blokes in the long run? Can it be argued that patriarchy is actually failing our boys and men? And is there another way?


Danny Blay was previously the CEO of No To Violence Male Family Violence Prevention Association (NTV) for eleven years and is a qualified Men’s Behaviour Change Program facilitator and counsellor. His key achievements included the contribution to an expanded and coordinated approach to family violence in Victoria, the development of innovative training on family violence prevention for the community sector and fostering formal working relationships with other aligned organisations and stakeholders. Danny has made significant contributions to the development of improved and innovative ways in which family violence is addressed in Victoria, including the training of sector workers. Danny also led the expansion of the Men’s Referral Service into New South Wales and has significant experience in working with government and other statutory bodies in policy development and implementation.

In a previous life Danny has been a youth and parenting support worker and has had a long association with community radio. He can now be heard regularly on 774 ABC Melbourne and in 2013 he published Drive Around The World: One Family, One Car,
One Year, One Planet (Hybrid).