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Australia is a better place for engaging and learning about out nearest neighbour. The history that we share with Papua New Guinea, the cultural trade routes stretching back thousands of years, the war time alliances, the Kiaps, the fact that PNG was Australia’s ONLY colony until forty years ago.

Our borders are, at high tide, are only 150kms apart. In this talk David will take you on a journey through PNG, through Melanesia and share with you stories, songs and why he thinks forget heading to Europe with your backpack – head to PNG instead. Embrace our neighbours, learn from them and listen to the sounds that will make your spine tingle and leave you curious and desperate to know more.

David will share with you beautiful photographs, film clips and perhaps even a live performance with artists he records and supports on the Wantok Musik Label.


David Bridie is one of Australia’s most innovative musicians and songwriters, balancing his solo music career with bands, producing, the composition of soundtrack music and running the Wantok Musik Label.

David’s career began in 1983 when he began working with guitarist John Phillips and together they went on to form seminal band, Not Drowning Waving. In 1986 on the advice of film maker and good friend Mark Worth, David went on holiday to PNG. Whilst in PNG David heard the sounds of the Stringbands, heard George Telek on a bus radio and then later met Sir George by chance in person. This first trip inspired, challenged and then set the scene for David to return two years later to begin making the groundbreaking record, Tabaran – featuring George Telek and an array of world-class PNG musicians and sounds. This passion and love for Melanesian music continues nearly thirty years on and David is now considered as one of the worlds foremost producers of Melanesian music.