Dr Brock Bastian

Dr Brock Bastian

Social Psychologist

The University of Melbourne


Pain is bad, but is it all bad? Pain killing is a massive industry because we want our lives to be filled with pleasure and free of all pain, but is this approach to pain and happiness really working? In this talk Social Psychologist Brock Bastian asks us to reflect on the nature of pain, pleasure, and happiness. He urges us to reconsider what really makes us happy, and tells us why we need pain to experience any happiness in life at all.



Brock Bastian is a Social Psychologist from the University of Melbourne. In his search for a new perspective on pain and happiness he has published widely and his work has received significant recognition, including prestigious awards and prizes. Brock is known for his tendency to take a novel approach to old problems and his work has been recognized as highly innovative. The findings from his research have received significant media attention, covered in outlets such as The New Yorker and The Economist, and will be the focus of a book soon to be published with Penguin, UK.