Gareth Hart + Rod Price


Gareth Hart


 Rod Price

Dancer & Sound Artist


Existing in a continual feedback loop between body, sound and space, INFINITUM is constantly reborn within the context of its own immediate history.


INFINITUM is a new performance work from award winning choreographer Gareth Hart and immersive sound artist Rod Price.


Textures of body, floorboards, cloth and air collide to create a sound score created live from within the performance; a meeting of audio generative movement, glitch art theory, and realtime generative sound looping.


Gareth is an independent artist working within the mediums of Choreography and Installation, and holds a Masters of Choreography from the Victorian College of the Arts. His work is grounded in an investigative improvisation process, which attempts to give rise to a living history of embodied practice. His award-winning performance work manifests as immersive installation based experiences, that foreground experiential frameworks for audiences, and delve deeply into conceptual territories of body-politics.  His work has toured extensively around Australia to traditional and non-traditional venues, including the National Gallery of Australia and TarraWarra Museum of Art.

He was co-artistic director of CRACK Theatre Festival (2010-12), and is currently Festival Director of hillsceneLIVE (2014-).


Rod is a multi-disciplined artist working primarily in the field of sound design. He has a BA in Fine Arts/Media Arts with Honors in Sound and Composition from RMIT. Rod’s work is concerned with ideas related to surround sound and sonic immersion, both in production and performance employing methods of abstraction and manipulation. His compositions refer to ideas found in industrial, ambient, noise and electroacoustic music. Rod’s objective is to compose music that ignites strong emotional responses in the listener, both on a physical and psychological level. Rod has composed works for choreography, film, installation and live audio performance.