When dark meets light

Sustainable Apartments – A New Model for the Future

Jeremy McLeod


With the rise in cost of living, for many around the world owning your own home debt-free seems like a near-impossible dream. As world populations continue to grow, we need an alternative housing model that is both sustainable and desirable. Founder and Director of Breathe Architecture Jeremy McLeod, proposes a new model of apartment living that is sustainable, affordable and community-focused.

Bionic Vision – Bringing Light to the Blind, the Future of Biomedicine

Dr Jeanette Pritchard

Technology is re-imagining one of mankind’s most ambitious pursuits, to help a blind man see. With the first bionic eye implant just around the corner, being scheduled for 2016, Dr Jeanette Pritchard of the Monash Vision Group provides insight into the journey to develop this cutting-edge technology.

It’s a Great Day for Redheads – The Reclamation of Ranga

Joel Cohen

One of many redheads in the world, Joel Cohen takes us on a journey of Australian English etymology to uncover the birth of the word “ranga”. From what began as a whimsical house warming party, he initiated a movement to reclaim “ranga” as a source of empowerment for redheads, orangutans, and soon the world.

The courage to say sorry in healthcare

Jeremy Limpens


Jeremy has spent his career working as a critical care nurse and flight paramedic. He has worked in emergency wards of city hospitals, remote Australian desert communities and flown patients in and out of freezing towns along the Arctic Circle. In these remote landscapes he discovered a different approach to medical care, he’s now asking the hospital system to seek a second opinion.

She’s someone: Humanising women involved in street based sex work

Sally Tonkin

St Kilda Gatehouse provides support to those involved in street sex work as a result of hardship. Greeves Street, St Kilda is a renowned location for street based sex work in Melbourne, Australia. Often those who work on the streets are misunderstood, dehumanised and blamed for the violence perpetrated against them. Sally Tonkin proposes that addressing any social issue starts with acknowledging an individual’s humanity and an innate desire for recognition. When Tracy Connelly was murdered, Sally Tonkin challenged the media, and the people of St Kilda, not to forget her name.

Chameleon Charm: Why Colour is Key to Revolutionary Technologies

Dr Devi Stuart-Fox

Seeing the world of colour through animal eyes not only reveals a whole other reality, it has inspired technological advances. Award winning biologist Devi Stuart Fox opens our eyes to the variety of human innovation that has been inspired by the fascinating world of colour and colour change in animals, and suggests that understanding the near-infrared represents the next frontier.


If the world was turned upside down…

John Englezos


Don’t you think it’d be a blast
If the future was the past?
Your wrinkles Sir would fade away,
You hair Ma’am would go blonde from grey.

The Difficulty in Expertise: Why Experts Struggle to Teach

Dr Steffan Fothe

For many experts trying to teach others is a challenge; there’s no formula for a finely tuned gut instinct. Stefan is an expert trainer, literally, he trains experts, he shares with you how he unpacks the sharpest minds to become trainers of the next generation.

It takes a Village to Raise a Child – Street Gangs and Motherhood 

Alice Morell

Mothering shouldn’t be thankless, nor should stay at home parents be afraid to ask for help. The extended village of yesterday might be ancient history, but Alice Morell is determined to bring it back in vogue, one street at a time.

Boys will be boys

Danny Blay

With increasing concern over domestic violence levels in Australia he asks whether patriarchal cultures are not only failing women, but also failing men.


David Bridie performing with Charles Maimarosia

David Bridie’s love affair with Papua New Guinea began twenty years ago, when the celebrated musician made a commitment to take the sights and sounds of Melanesia across the Pacific, and out to the world.

David performs with Charles Maimarosia, Charles is from Are’Are in the Solomon Islands. They infuse contemporary music and ancient Are’Are panpipes ancient ancestral songs in this beautiful performance.