Breathe Architects


The Nightingale Model is a triple bottom line development model that delivers homes that are environmentally, socially and financially sustainable. Our ultimate goal is to provide quality urban housing by simplifying and humanising both the development process and the building itself. We believe that architects have an obligation to greater society to assist in protecting and enhancing the quality of our buildings and cities, for the sake of the people that inhabit them. We need to stand up for those that the industry is ignoring. The status quo development model is to build meaningless apartments designed to investor specifications for maximum yield with little or no regard for people, community or the environment. Our cities deserve beautiful, well-built and well-sized homes designed for real life.

At present, developers are not delivering this and as long as the current formula remains profitable, they do not have an incentive to do so. We want to catalyse an industry change through creating demonstrative projects that are fairly priced and designed for people. We want to redefine the meaning and quality of city life by establishing an alternate development model that is easily replicated and benefits the community and the city.


Founder and director of Breathe Architecture, Jeremy McLeod is an architect and activist with contagious enthusiasm for a sustainable and ethical future. Jeremy approaches the built environment from a holistically sustainable perspective, attempting to reconcile ecological and social design impacts within the current economic climate.

Since establishing Breathe in 2001, Jeremy has cultivated his small practice into an efficacious tool for design, planning and policy. He has directed his team in the execution of award-winning projects that span domestic and commercial scopes. Jeremy consistently presents quality architecture with renewable materials, passive solutions and low embodied energy. These priorities both underpin and characterize his work that continues to stimulate the emergence of architectural trends. Breathe’s recent multiresidential work has gained national acclaim, earning both residential and sustainability awards.