TEDMark Pershin - Head Shot

Mark Pershin

CEO and Founder

Less Meat Less Heat


Even with an ambitious transition towards renewable energy we will still be facing catastrophic climate change of up to 6 degrees of warming by the end of the century. There’s an elephant in the room of climate action – and it looks suspiciously like a cow.

Find out what a climatarian diet is, and how it can help solve the biggest existential crisis currently facing humanity.


Mark Pershin is the founder and CEO of start-up non-profit, Less Meat Less Heat. Coming from a background in advertising and marketing, Mark brings a unique and fresh perspective to solving the climate crisis. Mark cut his teeth as an activist campaigning with local and global climate action groups Beyond Zero Emission and His postgraduate environmental studies and experiences as a delegate at the UN COP21 climate talks drove home both the gravity of the climate crisis and the political gridlock in our global attempts to solve it. Always a systems-thinker and pragmatist, Mark knew there had to be another way.


Less Meat Less Heat was founded in early 2015 and is dedicated to addressing climate change through diet change by promoting the climatarian diet. In mid-2016, Less Meat Less Heat will launch the app based ‘Climatarian Challenge’.